Characteristics: Granulated biological product that contains a mixture of different types of facultative bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic spores) cellular enzymes, plant extracts and nutrients, adsorbed on a porous mineral of natural and inert origin. Good to solve the problems associated with an excessive level of nutrients in ponds, rafts and lagoons. Biodegradable product, environmentally friendly. Does not contain perchlorate. Does not contain GMO.

Specifications: Aspect: Brown granulated product.
Composition: Non-pathogenic micro-organism (Group I), enzymes, nutrients, natural mineral aggregate.

Uses: Pond treatments, rafts, irrigation tanks, golf course, lakes, etc. Natural product, ready to be used. It combines different mechanism of action. On the one hand, the mechanism against algae is by food antagonism by consuming inorganic nutrients necessary to algae and therefore compete with their growth preventing their eutrophication. And on the other hand, the porous mineral favours the adsorption processes of impurities clarifying the water, improving floc and sedimentation. This combination keeps the ecological balance of the water, improving its transparency and reducing BOD and bad odours. It favours nitrification and denitrification processes.

Instructions for use: Add the product directly sprinking it on the water sheet to be treated. It is recommended to make an initial application of approx.. 300g for every 100m2 of surface to be treated, regardless of its depth. As a maintenance dose, dose from 120g to 200g / 100m2. Repeat the treatment depending of the water, its quality, the supply of nutrients, the temperature, etc.

Recommendations: Its use is recommended in a pH range between 5,5 and 8,5 and the temperature between 5 and 40oC. Best before 1 year. Store in dry and fresh places and away from sunlight. Tightly closed when not in use. Storage temperature: 10-25 oC.

Packing: Plastic buckets containing 2,5kgs.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).