Characteristics: Product in watery dispersion and highly concentrated that provides a great appearance to stored water (ponds, lagoons, etc) and reduces the development of algae on surfaces. It mechanism of action consists of water treated with DYNALGAE BLUE reflects some of the solar radiation that affects the surface of the stored water and limits the photosynthetic activity of the algae while providing an attractive blue colour to the water. The treated water is suitable for irrigation, being compatible with the use of bioenzimatic products and conventional algicides. Visible results at low doses. Copper free.

Aspect: Transparent liquid.
Colour: Intense blue.

Uses: Water conditioning treatment for ponds or lagoons. It minimizes the algae population economically, efficiently and respectfully with the eco system, also creating in the water a natural appearance of a pleasant blue colour. Highly concentrated formula, miscible in any proportion and with good storage ability. It dissolves quickly, does not leave any residue and does not react with other components. Pesticides and herbicide free.

Instructions for use: The product is very soluble, it disperses easily with the natural movement of water. Dose 0,5 – 1L/1000m3 of stored water depending on its quality, adding directly into the pond, rafts or lagoons. Repeat the treatment depending on the renewal of the water, of its quality, of the contribution of its nutrient, the temperature, etc.

Recommendations: Best before 1 year. Keep it stored in its original container tightly closed in a fresh and dry place, away from sunlight and heat sources.

Packing: In litres of bulk, in plastic containers.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).