Characteristics: Liquid water conditioner, concentrated, homogeneous and without sedimentation, based on high purity potassium permanganate and improving additives. Contains substances that improve the free flow, anti-aglutination and anti-sedimentation, providing high concentrations of active ingredients. No need registration in the General Register of Operator of Chemical Catalogued Substances.

Aspect: Liquid suspension. Colour: violet
Value of pH: 5,0 ± 1,0

Uses: Heterogeneous mixture formed by high concentration of active ingredients, dispersed stably in a liquid medium. Prevents the formation of gelatinous deposits that produce obstructions in filters, pipes, irrigation tapes, drips, etc. The product contains acid substances that contribute to lower the pH of the water, counter the alkalitiny in the aqueous medium and the water by adsorption and subsequent depositing of impurities. It reduces COD, eliminates bad smells, trihalomethanes, iron salts, and manganese, etc.

Instructions for use: Its easy application saves effort, time and labour. When using the product the water will turn purple or pink, which will change gradually to straw-colour brown by formation of an insoluble biologically inert compound. As the sedimentation proceeds, the water will be clear and transparent. The recommended shock dose is of 10 kg per each 1000 m3 (10 ppm). Then add a maintenance dose of 5 kg of product per each 1000 m3 (5 ppm) of water. Water should be treated periodically, according to the severity of the problem, every 10-15 days in summer and every month in winter.

Recommendations: Shake before use. Best before 1 year. Store in its original container, tightly closed in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources or extremely low temperatures. Do not mix with other chemical products.

Packing: In kilos of bulk, in plastic container.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).