Characteristics: Detergent and acid product that act as a descaler in irrigation systems and water pipes. It incorporates latest generation surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. It decomposes the carbonates in water avoiding its precipitation and eliminates the accumulation of biofilm that can cause problems of congestion in the pipes. Synergistic effect between the high concentration of inorganic acids and its surfactant cleaning components.

Aspect: liquid transparent gel
Colour: red
Density: 1,11±0,01 g/cc
Odor: characteristic to acid.
Value of pH: 0,5 ±0,5

Uses: Mainly use to eliminate the incrustation of insoluble product that deteriorates the irrigation systems, drip filtres and heads. Eliminates calcareous inlays, organic matter, biofilm, fertilizers and mineral salts. Excellent cleaner for all types of dirt and chemical residues in treatment vats. Cleaning of plastic in greenhouses, deoxidizing wire fences, cleaning of irons that will have to be protected later with our ANTICORROSIVE METAL PROTECTOR PRODUCT.

Instructions for use: If used to descale irrigation systems and tapes, it will be used as a guideline dose in dilution of 2-3 L /HA, repeating the application monthly, although the periodicity of the application will depend on the severity of the problem. The application will be made in the last watering of the afternoon, leaving the product acting overnight. Then, the outputs of irrigation systems will be opened and rinsed with water. In the case of application in descaling of irrigation systems for 2nd year loins (strawberry plantation), a cleaning with DYNASCALER® should be made before to disinfection with the corresponding product and another before a new plantation, at a rate of 5L per hectare or per 20.000L of water. For the cleaning of tanks and machinery to fertilize with sulphate, use it diluted in water at a rate of 1-2% and then rinse with water. For the cleaning of tanks and machines to fertilize with sulphate outdoors and for the decalcification previously disassembled, use it diluted in water at a rate of 1:5 – 1:6 and then rinse with water.

Recommendations: In contact with metals, control the concentrations of use and contact times. Then rinse with plenty of water. It is not recommended on soft metals. When handling this product, use safety glasses, rubber gloves, and adequate clothing. Best before 2 years. Keep it stored in its original container, tightly closed in a fresh and dry place, away from sunlight and heat sources.

Packing: In litres of bulk, in plastic container.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).