Characteristics: Multifunctional product for agricultural uses formulated with non-ionic surfactants and improver/buffer pH. In contrast to other adjuvants, its strong acid buffering effect, regulates the pH phytosanitary broths up to a value close to 5, which is the most effective for most agriculture inputs. Its buffering effect on the pH helps to reduce the incrustation by calcareous salt. It breaks the tension of the water turning it into a great moisturizer, penetrating and adherent agent. The compatibility of different ingredients in the mixture to be applied and its stability can be modified by using it as coadjuvant. It reduces the number of interventions which will mean a lower environmental impact and economy of application.

Density: 1,02 ± 0,01 g/cc.
Aspect: Whitish soluble liquid.
Odour: Practically odourless.
Solubility: Soluble in water.
Value of pH: 3,3 ± 1

Uses: Multifunctional product with 6 effects: penetrating, moisturizing, adherent, pH regulator, pH buffer, and controlled foam. It favors the adsorption of nutritional solutions. Some properties of the pesticide are empowered without altering its composition. It allows to minimize or to eliminate the application problems modifying the physical characteristics of the mixture. It improves the wettability and persistence of the applications and provides a greater resistance to washing by rains.

Instructions for use: Read carefully the label of the product to be mixed. Fill the tank with water halfway and start the agitation adding the phytosanitary product as indicated on the label. In case the product is used as a pH regulator, it is added before the phytosanitary products. Finally, complete the mixing water, shake and apply. The dose can vary between 0.05% (corresponding to 50cc/100L of water) and 0.3% (corresponding to 300cc/100L of water). To lower 1 pH unit in the mixture, add about 25cc/100L.

Recommendations: Do not mix products that due to its physicochemical properties are incompatible. If it is the first time that the mixture is prepared, it is recommended to test the physicochemical compatibility of the products, to see that no precipitates or dissolution problems are formed. Best before 1 year. Keep it stored in its original container, tightly closed in a fresh and dry place, away from sunlight and heat sources. Security term corresponds to the product with which it is mixed.

Packing: In litres of bulk, in plastic containers.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).