Characteristics: Acid product that acts as scale remover in irrigation systems and water pipes. Decomposes carbonates in water, preventing their precipitation. Eliminates the accumulation of biofilm that can cause problems with clogging and pipes. Does not contains perchlorates.

Aspect: transparent liquid.
Colour: red
Density: 1,11±0,01 g/cc
Odor: characteristic to acid.
Value of pH: 0,5 ±0,5

Uses: Used to remove scale of insoluble products that deteriorates irrigation systems, drip, filters and heads. Remove residues of copper sulfate from sulfur duster. Cleaning of plastic in greenhouses, deoxidizer of fences, cleaning irons that will have to be protected with ANTICORROSIVE PROTECTOR OF METAL PRODUCT.

Instructions for use: If used to remove tapes and irrigation systems it will be used as indicative dose in dilutions of 2,5L/10.000, repeating the application monthly, though the periodicity of the application will depend on the problem. The application will be in the latest irrigation of the evening to let the product act the whole night. Later the exits of the irrigation system will be opened and cleaned with enough water. If used to descale in irrigation system for loins of 2o year (strawberry), it will be cleaned with ENER AGRO, previous to the disinfection with the appropriate product, and another one before a new plant (10L per hectare or per every 20.000L of water). For the cleaning of vats and sulfur duster and for decalcification of droppers previously dismantled, used diluted in water 1:5 and 1:6 and then rinse with abundant water.

Recommendations: In contact with metals, control the concentration of use and times of contact. Then, rinse with abundant water. It is not recommended to use on soft metals. When manipulating this compound some safety mesures will need to be taken such as protective glasses, rubber gloves and proper clothes. Best before two years from the date of packing. Store the product in its original container tightly closed, in a fresh and dry place, away from light and heat sources.

Packing: In litres of bulk in plastic container.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).