Oxipremium 5


Characteristics: Acid disinfectant cleaner, low foaming for utensils, surfaces and irrigation systems. It acts as sanitizer by the oxidizing action on the organic matter and as descaling of insoluble inorganic compounds. Greater use in hydrogen peroxide is obtained as being stabilized by combining acetic and peracetic acid, which gives it greater disinfecting power. Rapid action against all types of microorganism.

Specifications: Aspect: transparent liquid.
Density: 1,12±0,01 g/cc
Odour: charasteristic.
pH value: <1 at 20 ° C (1%) Uses: The product can be used for descaling and cleaning irrigation systems. In agricultural sector, its use is recommended for cleaning and disinfection of piping systems and drip irrigation. It removes blockages in drippers. The oxidizing effects of hydrogen peroxide removes organic matters. It also descales compounds and insoluble salts. Disinfection of all surfaces incluiding seedbeds, boxes, trays, equipments, conveyor belts, vehicles, tools, etc. Use the product diluted in water between 0,2% and 2% then rinse with water.

Instructions for use: It is recommended to use diluted in water, starting with a dose of 5-10L per 20.000L of water and as a maintenance 1-3L per 20.000L of water every 7-10 days. For a continuous use the dose will be between 20 and 100 ppm. As surface disinfectant, it can be used by any of the usual methods, spraying, washing and dipping products previously diluted in water.

Recommendations: Best before one year. Keep it stored in its original container, well closed in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.

Packing: In litres of bulk in plastic container.

Toxicology: Consult material data sheets (MSDS).